JPT Nutrition
Nutrition is about food, vitamins and minerals as “nutrients” for your body. It is about nourishing ourselves with what we need for life, health and growth. It is also about cherishing ourselves and fostering an environment that we can build and strengthen our bodies and minds.

Nutrition is a very personal thing. Food can be linked to memories and emotions, it has connections to our cultures and religions. We can choose to eat or avoid certain foods to cleanse our systems, provide fuel and energy, or help us grow physically or/and spiritually.

Growing up, Dr. Jess was fortunate to have a mother and grandmother who were focused on good nutrition. She has memories of warm old fashioned oats on cold winter mornings and the smell of garlic and onions sautéing (the foundation of many meals she and her mother make) as she walked in the house after soccer practice. She grew up eating things like pomegranate seeds, sweet potatoes, lean chicken, fresh salads, spinach and fresh herbs with many of these ingredients coming from her family’s garden.

Dr. Jess has carried these habits into her adult life both personally and professionally. The project she completed to help earn her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy was a guide for nutritional eating related to various conditions as well as supporting general health. As part of earning her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy she took additional nutrition courses and since graduating, has taken several continuing education courses concentrating on nutrition. She is a certified lifestyle educator for the First Line Therapy Program and continues to seek education and knowledge to better support all of her client’s nutritional needs and goals.

As part of your nutritional consultation, Dr. Jess will sit down with you, discuss your current habits and your nutritional goals and work to develop a plan with you for better nutrition, health and growth.  You will be provided with resources for a food plan guideline, logging food choices, and finding smart recipes to support your goals. The intention is to do all of this while honoring and cherishing who you are and where you are along the process.

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